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Supply us with your own domain name

You pick the name. The name is yours, you own all rights to it. We will host the site on our service but you retain the rights to the name you pick. You want to put quite a bit of thought into the name before you decide on one. Here are some key points to keep in mind when choosing a name

  1. The shorter the better. You want people to easily remember your name and to be able to tell their family and friends about it.
  2. Try to make it relevant. If you are going to focus your efforts around Russian women try to have something close to or etc., etc. The same thing applies if you are focusing on Latin America,
  3. Remember that many directories will list names in alphabetical order. Names with numbers in the beginning will show up first, such as 100beautiful
  4. Try to stay with .com as much as possible. The problem with going with .net or .cc or other extensions is that many people may get confused and type in your name with a .com instead of .net or .org or .cc etc. thus driving traffic to the wrong sites. You can also use hyphens in your name.
  5. Don't get discouraged. Thousands of sites are registered each day. You may have to try many names and many combinations of names before you find the one that will be right for you.

Once you have registered your domain name you simply point the IP address to us or place it on our DNS server.


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